The Finest and Most Complete Line of
Conveyor Pulleys.


With continuously welded disc-to-rim construction and compression hubs.

H•D•R®, XT-reme™
& Mine Duty

Three classes of drums with rims formed in
custom-designed crowning rolls by a cold “forming”
process that increases the strength of the steel.

Snap Back®

High tensile strength rubber or urethane lagging, encased in a steel jacket, displaces upon belt contact. When belt contact is broken, the rubber “snaps back” to its original height automatically cleaning itself.


1045 CRS manufactured to
your specifications.

Double Drum®

With a special 2-Year guarantee. Engineered to meet demanding loading conditions and has established an impressive performance rating from many satisfied customers.


Designed Specifically For Conveyor
Pulley Applications.

Van Gorp conveyor pulleys offer you opportunities for increasing conveyor performance and reducing costs, because they utilize the XT computer-designed hub and bushing with all of these outstanding features:

  • 2” per foot taper
  • Malleable iron in many sizes
  • Self-seating – eliminates need for hammer and drift
  • Less axial movement – reduces end disc prestressing
  • High compressive force minimizes pulley walking on shaft
  • Bolts equally spaced for uniform draw-up
  • More material in the barrel for added safety, especially in maximum bore sizes
  • Full length engagement with hub
  • Flange provides for maximum capscrew torque-storing capacity
  • Easy removal
  • Full size keys in maximum bores of size 50 and larger bushings

Van Gorp pulleys are available with XT®, TAPER-LOCK® or Q.D.® hubs on all catalog size pulleys.