Sikeston Power Station
We have been using the Argonics belt scrapers and skirting system on our coal conveyors for approximately 12 years. Both have worked very well for us with our fuel switch to Powder River Basin coal. We have 29 of the scrapers in service and use the green 83 Durometer blades on them. They require very little maintenance and are easy to replace the blades on when they wear out. Our coal system runs 20 hours per day and the blades will last about 14 to 18 months before replacement is necessary. We use about 1000 feet of the skirting system. The original material was black rubber, but we found that the urethane works better on these and lasts longer. We have switched the entire system to urethane. Our smaller conveyors use the 6 inch wide material and the larger ones use 8 inch wide. We normally try to keep 400 feet of the 6 inch and 200 feet of the 8 inch in stock for replacement. For the scrapers we stock a spare main frame for each size conveyor, mounting spools, stub ends, and tensioners. We have just recently had to replace a few of those parts after a 12 year run. We have no plans of changing these systems to a different type or brand. - 9/2011
Sikeston Power Station - Sikeston - United States
Tate & Lyle (AE Staley)
Here at Tate & Lyle we have five Flexowell pocket belt conveyors of which can be upwards of 400\' long that handle coal and limestone. In the last couple years I have been working with Bi-State and replaced two of these belts due to wear and tear. One of the belts being replaced had over 10 years of life and only had to be replaced because of tracking issues that have worn down the edges of the belt. Bi-State then worked with me to help prevent other belts from being damaged this way by providing insight on solutions to flag tracking issues sooner. Over the few years I have been working with Bi-State they have always been easy to work with and eager to provide Tate & Lyle with innovative solutions to improve belt efficiency and life. They are very good at keeping you in the loop on details of belt construction, they are willing to work on site during belt installation, are available to come for emergency issues as needed, and very corporative with company timelines. - 8/2011
Tate & Lyle (AE Staley) - United States
Metal Recovery Systems
Our non-ferrous metal processing line includes 11 inclined pocket-belt conveyors. As originally designed, the conveyors were a constant source of spillage and maintenance downtime. Bi-State Rubber helped us upgrade the design of the belts and systematically convert them to the Flexowell belting system. Our pocket-belt conveyors are now an effective and reliable part of our process. From their engineering services to the quality of their product, Bi-State Rubber has been an exceptional supplier to our company.
Metal Recovery Systems - St. Louis - United States
General Shale Company
We are a block manufacturing plant located in Colorado Springs, Co. We have been using the Flexowell belt manufactured by Bi-State rubber since January 2006 with great success. They upgraded our sidewalls to the fabric reinforced heavy duty design and it has eliminated our sidewall splitting and cracking, plus with their mfg process the sidewall stays on the belt!!!! <br><br> I highly recommend a Flexowell belt.
General Shale Company - Colorado Springs - United States
Eaglemaster, Inc.
Eaglemaster Inc. has been running Bi-State’s spliced belts in our Wheelabrator 36 x 42 Rubber belt machine since 2002. We are a metal finishing job shop, our product range from castings, flame cut steel parts, stampings and forgings. When using endless belts we typically got 24 to 36 months of belt life, depending on the type, and quantity of work we ran. I was skeptical of Bi-States spliced Belt when you first offered it to me in 2001. I made calls to contacts that I have made in the blasting Industries and asked what others thought of the idea. The responses I received didn’t convince me. Everyone I talked to seemed to think it could be done, but, that a fastener could not last as long as the belt. In my notes you and I even discussed the possibility of replacing the fastener if it wore out before the belt had reached the end of its useful life. Kevin and Bi-State were willing to stand behind the product so I decided to give it a try. To sum up, Eaglemaster has been using your spliced belts for just over a decade without a failure. In our application the BSRX-3 splice has lasted through the useful life of the belts. Labor cost for installation is cut in half and down time is reduced by one third. In my experience, it’s a good product that saves me time and money. Facilities Manager Eaglemaster Inc.
Eaglemaster, Inc. - Edina - United States
Tim Church - Patriot Metal Products, Inc.
In February 2015 our Wheelabrator A86740 shot blast machine started having trouble with the tumble belt. The belt had worn and had a big tear in it it. This limited us to the amount of product we could load in the machine to tumble blast. This Wheelabrator was built in 1948. I researched several options for repair. I was told that the machine had to be totally disassembled to change the belt. On the previous repair it took 3 technicians 2 ten hour days to complete the repair. Estimates to replace the belt came in around the $25000.00 mark for labor. The time frame for three technicians to replace the belt was two days. The cost of teh belt ranged from $2600.00 to $2200.00 for the endless variety. During additional searches of the internet for vendors I came acrosss Bi-State Rubber. I spoke to a Bobby Price at BiState and he offered two versions of the belt, one with a clip that was considered state of the art and the old traditional endless belt. I questioned whether the clip would hold up under the very aggressive steel shot blast or it would eat away almost immediately. Bobby gave me the name of another facility that I contacted who was running the clip style belt. The owner of the facility told me the installation was a breeze and that the rubber was designed to protect the clip. We ordered the belt 12/7/15. The maintenance crew was very skeptical about the clip style belt. Installation was easy and completed from the back side of the machine. Time frame for completion was just over 8 hours and included repairing a bad shaft. While watching the belt run I saw why the clip stayed protected. The ingenious engineering behind the machining of the rubber in the clip area allowed for the rubber to fold down over the clip while in the blast area. Alignment was easy and the belt ran true. Cost of the belt was in the low range of the old style endless variety. Our savings in not hiring the job out was $2500.00. Downtime on the machien was reduced from 2 days to one shift. It has been almost one year from the date of installation; the belt is holding up well, runs every day and has required no additional maintenance. Bi-State Rubber checked in several times with me to see how the belt was doing. Each time I told them I was happy with the product, the cost savings and the customer service. The belt is an engineering marvel.
Tim Church - Patriot Metal Products, Inc. - United States