SMS Deg Mag High Angle Pocket Belt Systems

Introducing Bistate Rubbers: Unleash the Power of SMS Deg Mag Flexible Sidewall Pocket Belt Conveyor!

Experience the unparalleled efficiency of our CSC flexible sidewall pocket belt conveyor, capable of handling sidewall heights up to an impressive 24" tall and belt widths up to 72" wide. This innovative conveyor system is perfectly tailored for conveying and elevating bulk material across a diverse range of industries.

Whether you operate in the power, cement, steel mills, scrap recycling, pulp & paper mills, mine processing, or any other sector, our flexible sidewall belt conveyor is designed to excel in your application. Its versatility and adaptability make it an indispensable asset for your material handling needs.

By opting for our flexible sidewall belt conveyor, you can enjoy substantial benefits, including significant horsepower savings compared to traditional conveyor types. This conveyor system efficiently transports bulk material and can elevate it up to an impressive 90-degree incline, overcoming vertical challenges with ease.

Discover the advantages of Bistate Rubbers' flexible sidewall pocket belt conveyor and revolutionize your material handling processes today. Experience the power of cutting-edge technology that streamlines your operations and maximizes productivity across your entire industry.

SMS Deg Mag High Angle Pocket Belt Systems


We develop and provide the highest grade conveyor belts and rubber products in the industry. 

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