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Pipex and Piflex are rubber conveyor belts designed for tubular conveying systems. They feature either a durable multilayer textile carcass or a steel cord carcass, respectively.

Pipe conveyors are tubular shape belts designed to allow material to be moved while minimizing dust or material loss.

In other words, a tubular-shaped belt conveyor system is designed to allow the belt to fold around the material being moved and then assume a flat shape over the loading and unloading points and as it passes over the pulleys. These are technologically advanced products: environmentally friendly solution that also reduces energy consumption.

Pipex and Piflex conveyors are mainly applied in cement plants, power plants and biorefineries, the chemical and steel industries, mines and port terminals. Covers quality is studied and developed to meet handled material-specific needs. These last years' new environmental regulations have made industries think of new systems to convey dust materials. Tubular shape conveyor systems are properly suitable for these materials handling where it is required particular attention to the surrounding environment (city centers, parks).

Some humidity-suffering products, such as cement, find tubular shape conveyor systems the best technology to be handled in open areas such as port docks.”

As far as pipe conveyor belts photos are concerned, let me know if the ones you can find here enclosed are good enough or not.

On the countrary, for steel cord elevator belts, can the following description meet your requests?

“ELEMET rubber elevator belts structure consists of a steel carcass composed by a resistant steel cords warp with elastic module aimed at getting the best compromise between low elongation and good flexibility. Two steel wefts placed in the bottom and in the top cover assure a better stability while performing, helping buckets fixing as well as increasing belt resistance against cut and tear.

Rubber compounds for elevator belts have two main purposes: carcass protection against material and moisture aggression and assuring the perfect buckets holding up. In order to guarantee safety and longer life, under hard working conditions too, all type of rubber compounds are antistatic and ozone protected.

SX - Medium temperature resistance

SX is a rubber compound assuring resistance against abrasion; it is developed for maximum temperature of 100°C. It is not oil resistant.

BX - Superior temperature resistance

BX is the rubber compound that assures the maximum heat resistance for a rubber compound. It is designed to work at maximum temperature of 180°C. It is not oil resistant.


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