Mining Processing Plants

All successful mining operations rely on efficiently moving materials from one place to another. When your mining processing plant’s conveyor system is unreliable, your production suffers. Bi-State Rubber specializes in commercial industrial rubber conveyor belts, systems, parts and services, so your mining operation never has to lose valuable production time due to a conveyor belt malfunction. Seamlessly integrate your mining operations into one cohesive process with a high-quality rubber conveyor belt system from Bi-State Rubber. Crush, receive, process, and handle all materials through every stage of the production line. Our conveyor belts and systems are designed to move materials safely and efficiently throughout your factory, and we have systems designed for outdoor movements and the transport of large-volume items such as ore, gravel, sand, coal, and other natural resources.  

Bi-State Rubber is a family-owned and operated supplier of the highest quality commercial industrial rubber conveyor belts, parts, and systems available in the industry. We work with mining processing plants throughout the country to ensure they have the right systems and products to keep their operations running smoothly. Manage processes and keep productivity high with reliable parts and systems from Bi-State Rubber. We Convey Quality is more than just a motto to us—it’s our commitment to each and every client we serve. We believe in delivering superior products and exceptional customer service to our customers so they can provide quality products to their customers. It’s a circle of excellence we are fully dedicated to. 


 Don’t let outdated, faulty conveyor belts slow down your mining processing plant’s operations. Contact our representatives at Bi-State Rubber now. We have the parts you need to keep your mining processes running smoothly, and if we don’t, we’ll design a customized part for you! Contact us today to learn more about our conveyor belt solutions. 

More Than a Motto

At Bi-State Rubber, We Convey Quality isn’t just our motto, it’s our entire business philosophy. Not only do we ensure the products and services we offer are of the highest quality, but we also provide those superior products that allow our partners to implement the same level of quality into their own processes. Contact us today for industrial rubber belts and other products for your commercial power utility needs.


We develop and provide the highest grade conveyor belts and rubber products in the industry. 

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The Bi-State Rubber, Inc. motto declares, not only that their products and services are of the highest quality, but it also suggests that the customers of Bi-State use their belts to move quality products.

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