“1 Bi 1” is a unique name for a unique product. Not only does it stand for the “tough” and “reliable” 1-inch wide by 1-inch high construction but also for the way we make this belt; 1 cleat at a time to meet your specifications.









• Cleats are hot vulcanized to the base belt for a bond the full width of the cleats, making them an integral part of the belt top cover.
• Bolted metal cleats can pull loose, causing damage to other equipment or belts.
• 1″ thickness makes cleats rigid enough so not to flex and tear as can happen when thinner cleats are used.
• Last but not least, our cleating process is so versatile that it can be adapted for many other conveying applications you may have.


Other Bi-State Rubber Advantages

• Cleats are inset from each side of the belt to prevent cleats from catching should the belt track off to sides of system.
• Belt length & width and number of cleats are customized to meet your system requirements.
• Stainless steel, non-magnetic, hinged mechanical fasteners riveted to the belt for the greatest durability and strength. Beneficially, stainless steel does not interfere with the system magnet. (Vulcanized endless style also available)
• MSHA accepted belt covers are available.

We also provide replacement belts for: Stearns, Eriez, Dings & Walker

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