Kelco Brand Replacement Parts

Kelco Brand Replacement Parts

Damaged and faulty equipment can be costly to your operation. When your process comes to a halt, your business suffers. For over forty years, Bi-State Rubber has been one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of commercial industrial Kelco rubber conveyor belts, sandblaster parts, and services. We are proud to offer Kelco replacement belts & replacement shot blast rubber tumble belts to fit into Kelco brand blasting machines.

Kelco Brand Replacement Parts
Kelco Brand Replacement Parts
Kelco Brand Replacement Parts

Kelco replacement belts are manufactured with hot vulcanized rubber on cross cleats or tumbling ribs and are punched per industry standard patterns. Belts are manufactured as fully endless or, with our new “split belt design,” mechanical laced. Belts come with the industry standard 3-ply 330 PIW or 4-ply 440 PIW base belts. Cross rigid base belts are also available upon request.

Bi-State Rubber has been family-owned and operated for over four decades. We know how to keep things moving because that’s the business we’re in—our focus is on providing our customers with the highest quality commercial industrial Kelco replacement belt parts, rubber tumble belts, sandblaster parts and accessories also available. We ensure our products are the highest quality so you can pass that quality on to your own clients. “We Convey Quality” isn’t just our motto—it’s our purpose! We have been supplying our customers with top-of-the-line products since 1974, but we have even more to offer! If our inventory doesn’t include the part you need, our skilled team of engineers can manufacture the part you need to your specifications! 

Kelco Brand Replacement Parts
Keep your operation running smoothly with durable, high-quality replacement parts from brands you can trust. Bi-State Rubber is a proud supplier of Kelco brand replacement belts for Kelco blast tumblers. Contact us today to see how our team can get your operation running smoothly again.  


More Than a Motto

At Bi-State Rubber, We Convey Quality isn’t just our motto, it’s our entire business philosophy. Not only do we ensure the products and services we offer are of the highest quality, but we also provide those superior products that allow our partners to implement the same level of quality into their own processes. Contact us today for industrial rubber belts and other products for your commercial power utility needs. Bi-State Rubber is the oldest manufacture in the US for replacement tumble belt needs going back to 1974!


We develop and provide the highest grade conveyor belts and rubber products in the industry. 

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The Bi-State Rubber, Inc. motto declares, not only that their products and services are of the highest quality, but it also suggests that the customers of Bi-State use their belts to move quality products.

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