At Bi-State Rubber, we design, supply, create and manufacture conveyor belts, components and parts to support any industrial business. Conveyor belts are an integral part of the diecast process. Avoid unnecessary shutdowns and constant maintenance issues with the highest quality industrial conveyor belts and parts available to the industry. You can rely on Bi-State Rubber to provide the parts you need to keep your diecast processes running smoothly.


 Family owned and operated, Bi-State Rubber has the industrial commercial rubber conveyor belt products, tools and experience to eliminate unnecessary worries at your facility. Maintain a smooth and flawless operation with our experts who back our products. Using our products, your business can avoid unnecessary delays caused by constant maintenance and costly belt repairs and replacements. If your factory or plant has a specific need not met by our current product inventory, our engineers can design and build the right parts and belt system to get the job done. You never have to make due with substandard parts and equipment again.



Bi-State Rubber has decades of experience constructing and maintaining industrial commercial conveyor belts. Our expertise mixed with the modern use of technology, ingenuity and ambition means our customers receive the absolute best service the conveyor belt industry has to offer. We know how to meet your needs because that’s what we’ve done for decades. We assess our clients' manufacturing and moving concerns and then overdeliver on the resolution to their problems. Contact us today to see how Bi-State Rubber can make your diecast processes safer, faster, and more reliable than ever before.


More Than a Motto

At Bi-State Rubber, We Convey Quality isn’t just our motto, it’s our entire business philosophy. Not only do we ensure the products and services we offer are of the highest quality, but we also provide those superior products that allow our partners to implement the same level of quality into their own processes. Contact us today for industrial rubber belts and other products for your commercial power utility needs.


We develop and provide the highest grade conveyor belts and rubber products in the industry. 

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The Bi-State Rubber, Inc. motto declares, not only that their products and services are of the highest quality, but it also suggests that the customers of Bi-State use their belts to move quality products.

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