DeLong Brand Replacement Belts

DeLong Brand Replacement Belts

When your shot blast tumbler’s industrial rubber belts are damaged, your blasting operation suffers. Maintain productivity and efficiency by purchasing commercial industrial rubber conveyor belt parts and accessories from Bi-State Rubber. With over five decades in the conveyor belt industry, we supply customers across the globe with the highest quality commercial industrial rubber conveyor belts, systems, and replacement parts, including DeLong brand replacement industrial rubber belts for shot blasters.

DeLong Brand Replacement Belts
DeLong Brand Replacement Belts

Remove paint and rust from surfaces by keeping your DeLong shot blast tumbler operating smoothly. Shot blasters remove debris through a conveyor system composed of shot blast belts that use abrasive materials to polish hard-to-clean substances. The debris is filtered away through drainage holes, while the materials are gently tumbled through the system. Diecast, foundries, heat treating companies, metal finishing companies, and automotive parts rebuilders are just a few of the industries that use shot blasters in their operations, including DeLong shot blast tumblers. Shot blast belts are powerful and efficient, but they aren’t indestructible. They endure tough working conditions depending on the materials being blasted. When your DeLong brand industrial belts need to be replaced, contact Bi-State Rubber.

DeLong Brand Replacement Belts

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the industrial conveyor belt industry, Bi-State Rubber is committed to delivering the highest quality conveyor systems, parts, accessories, and service available. “We Convey Quality” isn’t just our motto—it’s how we do business. We deliver the highest quality service and parts in the industry so our clients can pass that same quality on to their customers. For DeLong brand replacement industrial rubber belts, contact our staff of conveyor belt professionals at Bi-State Rubber today.


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