About Us

The Beginning
William D. Franke, who started in the industrial rubber belt manufacturing industry in 1954, founded Bi-State Rubber, Inc. in 1970. Serving Missouri and central Illinois, the original focus of the company was the sale of industrial rubber belts and other rubber products and the servicing of conveyor belt systems. As customer's needs changed, so did Bi-State Rubber. To address the growing amount of specialized needs of their customers, Bi-State Rubber began manufacturing custom industrial rubber conveyor belting. Due to their level of commitment and quality of service Bi-State Rubber's business grew steadily.

Today Bi-State Rubber is still in the Franke family, managed by William D. Franke's three sons. The manufacturing of industrial rubber conveyor belting, particularly weigh feeder and tumble/blast belts, is still their primary focus, but Bi-State also fabricates various types of expansion joints and other products. With customers world wide, Bi-State Rubber's largest customer base is the power generation, cement, foundry, and die-cast industries. Having many years in the industry, Bi-State Rubber's management draws on experience from all aspects of belting, in the field and in production. Simply put…they KNOW how to serve their customer's needs best.

We Convey Quality
The Bi-State Rubber, Inc. motto declares, not only that their products and services are of the highest quality, but it also suggests that the customers of Bi-State use their industrial rubber belt manufacturing services to move quality products.

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