Weigh Feeder Belts

Let us use our 50 years of experience fabricating Weigh feeder belts. Hot vulcanized on side vanner edge to corrugated sidewall belts, RMA-GR-2 , Fire Resistant, Heat Resistant and MOR available


Flexowell Corrugated Sidewall Belts

The FLEXOWELL®-conveyor belts. These industrial rubber belts are designed for horizontal, steep inclined and vertical handling of all kinds of bulk materials – from coarse-size coal and ore, rock, coarse sand or fertilizers.


Magnetic Separator Belts / Eddy Current Belts

Custom manufactured replacement conveyor belts for all overhead and Eddy Current magnetic Separators.


Shot Blast & Tumble Belts

Replacement shot blast belts and pads available with standard and custom drain holes and cleats.


Cleated Conveyor Belts

Let us use our 50 years of experience fabricating custom cleated conveyor belts to meet your specific needs. Our hot vulcanized process permanently bonds the cleats to the belt with the proper design and height for the customer’s application.


Heavy Duty Conveyor Belting

Bi-State Rubber offers a full line of industrial rubber conveyor belting for all industries including power plants, cement manufacturing, steel mills, foundries, quarries, and paper mills throughout North America.


Elevator Conveyor Belting

Replacement elevator belting available in multi-ply and single ply rubber as well as PVC. All cover compounds and tension ratings available.


Conveyor Belt Cleaners and Skirting

Complete belt cleaning systems from Argonics as well as replacement blades and belt skirting available for all manufactures and applications.


Flue Expansion Joints

Full line on Polymeric and Teflon expansion joints. We can supply the expansion joint material, accumulation pillows and new flanges.


Spool / Pipe Expansion Joint

Rubber and metal expansion joint and connectors to help control vibration or thermal movement in piping systems.


Bi-State Rubber Airslide

Needled and woven airslide fabric for air gravity conveyors, live bottom silos, and aeration pads.


Material Handling Hose And Vacuum Hose Fittings

In stock and custom designed hose for all your material handling needs.

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We develop and provide the highest grade conveyor belts and rubber products in the industry. 

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