The XTC is one powerful reversing conveyor cleaner. Choose from polyurethane, tool steel, stainless steel, or tungsten carbide blades. The system can handle wet, dry, sticky, or slimy conditions. The unique Web-Torque tensioner has enough give for mechanical splices and the flow-over blade design reduces material build up.

Eraser DS™

The Eraser DS is an economical version of our XTC cleaner, with a .19″ thick, 2″ × 2″ powder-coated tube stock steel mainframe for strength and durability. It is specifically designed for reversing conveyor belt applications. The DS uses the same polyurethane and tungsten carbide blades as the XTC.


The Super-G’s unique “pass-through” mainframe design allows material to freely fall through it, keeping your systems online with little to no maintenance. This system is based on the same heavy duty mainframe and Perma-Torque tensioner as our Eraser system. Choose either a solid urethane or urethane/tungsten carbide blade.