Micro Eraser™

The Micro Eraser is your answer for portable equipment with tight clearance issues. Designed with our 6″ tall Raptor blade, it works best on belts up to 48″ wide with head pulleys of 28″ diameter or less. This economical but powerful system is comparable to our competition’s standard system. Available in pin style only.

Eraser PQ™

The Eraser PQ (Pit and Quarry) system is an economical cleaner designed for performance and reliability. With a simple and effective spring tensioning unit, it uses our 6″ tall Raptor blade and requires little to no maintenance.


The Eraser system is our standard industrial workhorse. This rugged yet versatile cleaner is built around our exclusive patented Perma-Torque tensioning system. It is equipped with a 7.25″ tall Raptor blade, and can handle most of your demanding applications with ease. Available only with Safe Torque™.

Eraser HD

The Eraser HD is designed to withstand heavy vibration. This system has a reinforced mainframe and a heavy-duty channel attachment design. It utilizes a series of 6″ wide × 7″ tall Raptor blade segments that conform to crowned head pulleys. Available in pin style or with Safe Torque.

S3 Max

The S3Max is an intermediate system between the Eraser and the Super Eraser that features a 10″ tall blade. It is ideally suited for more aggressive applications where a larger blade is required, or those systems with a larger head pulley. Available only with Safe Torque.

Super Eraser

The Super Eraser is a Mine Duty cleaner. It has a .25″ thick, 3.5″ × 3.5″ box steel mainframe and a massive 12″ Raptor blade. It will handle anything you throw at it. If you’re dealing with high speed, high tonnage belts, the Super Eraser was built specifically for you. Available only with Safe Torque.

Super Eraser HD™

The Super Eraser HD is a channel mount version of the Super Eraser. It matches Mine Duty design with segmented blade technology. If you like big equipment, this is the one. Even the harshest environments don’t stand a chance against the Super Eraser HD. Available in pin style or with Safe Torque.