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The true world leader in flexible sidewall conveying technology, Flexowell is a full-service supplier of conveyor belts and systems for higher productivity in bulk material handling.
FLEXOWELL® belts are designed for horizontal, inclined and vertical transport of all types of bulk materials, from coal, ore, sand or rock, to fertilizer and grain.

Why Choose FLEXOWELL® Belts?

• Lower power consumption
• Faster Installation
• Minimal downtime
• Lower maintenance costs
• No transfer points



Global Range Of Applications

Highly reliable, FLEXOWELL® belts ensure environment-friendly operations in all types of industrial facilities. There is a virtually unlimited range of applications, some of which include:

• Coal and wood chip-fired power plants
• Underground ore and coal mines
• Shaft belts for tunneling and mining
• Iron and steel production
• Ship loading/unloading and ship-to-ship transfer
• Recycling sand in foundries
• Scrap recycling (steel, cans, paper, etc.)
• Silo feed systems
• Hi-wall transport in open-pit mines
• High-volume horizontal transport
• Waste recovery, soil recycling and water treatment


FLEXOWELL® belting permits you to design a bulk handling system with greater carrying capacity, and offers the widest range of applications in the industry.

Compared with conventional bulk handling approaches, FLEXOWELL® belting carries abrasive or corrosive material with substantially less wear than bucket elevator, drag or screw conveyors. It also carries a greater volume than is possible with these traditional approaches or flat belting.

With an unmatched capability for inclined transport of virtually all types of materials at any angle, up to and including 90°, FLEXOWELL® enables design of high-capacity, high-performance transport systems at reduced capital cost. Reliable, environment-friendly, FLEXOWELL® technology is now delivering major user benefits at over 60,000 installations worldwide.



We also provide replacement belts for the following systems: Feeco, Stanley Batch, Omni, Cambelt, Dover, Robins, Chantland, Titan, Rapat, Fairfield Engineering & BW Sinclair

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