Replacement Blades

Replacement blades use our proven Kryptane┬« polyurethane formula. They are designed as a direct retrofit – no adaptation necessary. The blades use a heavy duty extruded aluminum insert.

FDA food-grade and MSHA approved flame-resistant formulas, along with FRAS (flame-resistant, anti-static) blades available.  Typically, our replacement blades have a two-to-one wear life over OEM blades.

Replacement Impact Bars

UHMW bonded to high performance Kryptane┬« urethane, creating a single piece construction and eliminating open bolt holes as found on other bars. Our bars accept a standard 1/2″ (12mm) grade 8 bolt and washer – no T-bolts required. Multiple formulations are available, including MSHA-approved flame retardant formulas.